Friday, June 6, 2014


Tarikh: 01 June 2014
Tempat: Hotel Le Plaza, Boulevare Adolphe Max 118, Brussels 1000, Belgium

Speech for Best Practice Award 2014.

Good Morning (Selamat Pagi)  and thank you to the master of ceremony

On behalf Mayor Of Alor Setar City Council , i would like to say thank you for the invitation to deliver a speech at the very prestigious ceremony. Being a developing city, this recognition is very significant for our organization. This best practice award by the European Society For Quality Research ESQR to Alor Setar City Counci is a big surprise to the member of city council and myself as we never expected our hard work and commitment to a better city is evaluated and rewarded.

As a quality driven organization, the European Award for Best Practices 2014 has really given us a strength to drive our organization forward and for further improvement. We at the Alor Setar City Council will take this award as a catalyst for us to further enhance the quality of our service to everyone and each our customers mainly citizens of the city

I am well aware that ESQR panel has certain high standard criteria in evaluating and assessing an organization for this award. I am here on this stage to receive this award for the Alor Setar City Council has met all the requirement needed for this very prestigious award.

Ladies and Gentlemen,.. Alor Setar City Council has involved in a few quality programs throughout 2013 anda 2014 that enable us to receive several awards and recognition from either national or international organization.

     i. In 2013 Alor Setar City Council has received Information Security Management System MS ISO/IEC/27001;2007 (ISMS) Certificate. This Certificate has been awarded by international assessment body SIRIM QAS International and The International Certification Networking (IQNET). This certification has proven the quality of information technology security system in Alor Setar City Counil is at its best. This Certification is hard to acquire and there are not many organization acquires this certificatefor its strict criteria.

     ii.In 2014 , Alor Setar City Council has been once again awarded 5S certificate because the Alor Setar City Council has implimented the standard requirement of the quality environment management system. This certificate is produced by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) which is a body that is directly involved in government and private quality assessment . This certificate has been in two years in a row and Alor Setar City Council acquired higher marks than a year before.

     iv.Alor Setar City Council website has been awarded with a five star by Malaysian Government Portals And Website Assessment (MGPWA) which is the highest ranks in its class. This shows that our website is one of the best in Malaysia and can be easily accessed and user friendly.

     v. Last year Alor Setar City Council has received an honorable recognition in international level, which is 'THE BEST MUNICIPALITY' and THE BEST MUNICIPAL MANAGER by Europe Business Assembly that is based in Oxford, England. Alor Setar City Council has chosen to receive ths very prestigious award for its effective management of the city, its constants growth and its attractiveness to tourists.

Finally and today , the series off the awards received by our organization is added by this European Award For Best Practice 2014 as a result from all the quality programs implemented by our organization.

To make sure Alor Setar City Council running on the highest standard , we have introduced and implimented 5 Years Strategic Plan (2009 - 2013) and (2014 - 2018), 5 Years Quality Strategic Plan (2011 - 2015) and 5 Years Integrity Strategic Plan (2011 - 2016). All of this plan is our best practice to drive best quality service toward Metropolis City.

And once again, on behalf of our organization, i would like to thank ESQR for awarding us this award. You can have my word that we will strive hard to ensure the quality standard will be taken care of and we will strive more to enhance the quality from time to time. With that , thank you

Terima Kasih

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